Black shield group is the leading private security service provider of the Rio grande valley in texas and mexico. Our team of hand picked professionals will keep you safe and protected.

Highly Trained

Some of our agents are required to undergo training with the Law Enforcement Emergency Regional Response Team (LEERRT).

International Protection

Our team expands into Mexico, and is ready to coordinate with Mexican private security and authority officials.

Fully Experienced

Our agents have years of experience in law enforcement and in the private security industry.

Full Confidentiality

We are committed to protecting the privacy of your identity and personal information. All interactions are strictly confidential.

Planning for an upcoming high profile meeting, event, or travel?

Planning for an upcoming high profile meeting, event, or travel?

Uniformed Security Division

Black Shield Group offers commissioned (armed) and non-commissioned (unarmed) uniform services, for industrial and private purposes. Our uniformed security personnel is strictly scanned and accommodated in their respective positions.

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Personal Protection Division

Black Shield Group Executive Protection Services is dedicated to providing peace of mind to our clientele. We do what we do best, so our distinguished clients are free to do what they do best.

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Private Investigation Division

Our licensed private detectives have resources worldwide and extensive experience drawn from law enforcement, intelligence agencies and government.

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Armored Vehicles

Designed with the latest and most sophisticated technologies, we set the new standards for armored and bullet-proof vehicles. We offer different levels of protection to suit your needs.

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Security Cameras & Access Control

Keep your business safe with surveillance and monitoring gear. Find out what goes on in your office when you are not there.  Access Control and Surveillance cameras provide the first lead toward eventual incarceration of perpetrators of many crimes.

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Cybercrime Prevention & IT Solutions Division

With more and more people being connected to their devices cybercrime is a bigger risk now than ever. With the use of sophisticated tools and software we can do a risk assessment of your networks and implement corrective or preventive plans.

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GPS Asset Network Monitoring

Haven’t told anyone you’re out and you have encountered an emergency? Use the Panic Button to alert authorities to your position.

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Training Division

Clients can request corporate and personal protection training from a wide variety of programs, such as alert & awareness training and workplace threat defense. Black Shield Group will meet the client’s demands accordingly, and provide the necessary training for the client.

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K9 Units

Black Shield Group has fully trained dogs, ready to join your force. Each dog has been carefully evaluated for health, temperament, stamina, and aggression.

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Safe Rooms

A safe rooms purpose is to buy you enough time for emergency response to arrive at your location. You can build a safe room as part of a new home, or you could retrofit a room in an existing home.

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Night Club Security Consultants

Bouncer Training

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Chauffeur and Concierge

Whether it be a few drinks with your friends or at large gathering such as a concert, we will monitor your surroundings from a distance of your choosing having your safety in mind.

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